Thursday, October 21, 2010

inevitable noise

The Art of Noises_ A noise manifesto from Futurist Luigi Russolo. According to him, the exploration of noise beyond music will allow the world to “hear with Futurist ears.” He sums up a convincing interpretation of the evolution of music, from the “silence” of ancient life to a future(his)/present(ours); where our sensibilities, having been long accustomed to and disillusioned by a history that parallels “the multiplication of machines.” Our need for sounds that are new and exciting has outgrown traditional music’s mathematical and finite form. He said this of the modern orchestra of his time—
“There: the first bar brings the boredom of familiarity to your ear and anticipates the boredom of the bar to follow. Let us relish, from bar to bar, two or three varieties of genuine boredom, waiting all the while for the extraordinary sensation that never comes.”

“Second hand ecstasy” is the sum of music that seeks to replicate the impact of past innovations. The ecstasy spoken of is the sensation you feel when what you hear defies your understanding of what is possible. Sound ecstasies become second hand because the act of reproducing forms that were impossible before the moment they were first born undermines the fact that they are newly made.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm ticked to death every time i see a screen do something its not supposed to. a channel of static, a vcr on pause, a ruined vhs... a cracked laptop screen is the best. but thats expensive.


I remember vaguely having a lot of dreams where i run away from someone who will rough me up over and over. I sprint and hop like a gazelle in real life, and i know this in my dreams. But when i try to haul ass away from these berserkers, my limbs weigh tons. One dream like this that happened recently enough that i can remember a lot of the details. I was chased by a man on roller skates. His hair was a jerry curled toupee, dripping with sweat. Sporting wrap arounds that glinted sparkly gold in the sunlight, he looked as if he just emerged from Straps and Straps and Straps, a gay bondage fetish members only club down the street. Hairy sweaty chest and gut buldging in two leather straps, bullet chain style. Chase me down over and over he would, knock me down, and skate over my hands. The last time, he circled 'round and pretended he was going to be nice. As soon as i let my guard down, he snickered and threw liquid lsd in my hair. I guess thats what was making his so wet. Then he pulled out his handcuffs and i had to flee as i lost my ability to grasp reality.

Toys Missing In Action

I want to make as much noise as possible, and my plan to do so was to buy toy after toy and screw with its insides. I like this method because i have no idea how it works. The sounds change more and more with each extra wire i add to the circuit board in ways i cant anticipate. Tones become rhythms, notes become scrambled. The new interface i create by adding potentiometers and switches decides the possibilities for composition.
Lately, the four or five thrift stores i travel to every few days have been light on usable toys. I've found three so far since we've been back, but i break probably three out of every four i buy. They usually cost about three or four dollars, so thats no big deal when they're available, but i cant find them.
I decided to start to build a box to house the circuits and mount the knobs and switches, so i don't break anything.


people make theses websites. Most of them are not very interesting but the format is interesting. and of course there are a few gems
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