Thursday, October 21, 2010

inevitable noise

The Art of Noises_ A noise manifesto from Futurist Luigi Russolo. According to him, the exploration of noise beyond music will allow the world to “hear with Futurist ears.” He sums up a convincing interpretation of the evolution of music, from the “silence” of ancient life to a future(his)/present(ours); where our sensibilities, having been long accustomed to and disillusioned by a history that parallels “the multiplication of machines.” Our need for sounds that are new and exciting has outgrown traditional music’s mathematical and finite form. He said this of the modern orchestra of his time—
“There: the first bar brings the boredom of familiarity to your ear and anticipates the boredom of the bar to follow. Let us relish, from bar to bar, two or three varieties of genuine boredom, waiting all the while for the extraordinary sensation that never comes.”

“Second hand ecstasy” is the sum of music that seeks to replicate the impact of past innovations. The ecstasy spoken of is the sensation you feel when what you hear defies your understanding of what is possible. Sound ecstasies become second hand because the act of reproducing forms that were impossible before the moment they were first born undermines the fact that they are newly made.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm ticked to death every time i see a screen do something its not supposed to. a channel of static, a vcr on pause, a ruined vhs... a cracked laptop screen is the best. but thats expensive.


I remember vaguely having a lot of dreams where i run away from someone who will rough me up over and over. I sprint and hop like a gazelle in real life, and i know this in my dreams. But when i try to haul ass away from these berserkers, my limbs weigh tons. One dream like this that happened recently enough that i can remember a lot of the details. I was chased by a man on roller skates. His hair was a jerry curled toupee, dripping with sweat. Sporting wrap arounds that glinted sparkly gold in the sunlight, he looked as if he just emerged from Straps and Straps and Straps, a gay bondage fetish members only club down the street. Hairy sweaty chest and gut buldging in two leather straps, bullet chain style. Chase me down over and over he would, knock me down, and skate over my hands. The last time, he circled 'round and pretended he was going to be nice. As soon as i let my guard down, he snickered and threw liquid lsd in my hair. I guess thats what was making his so wet. Then he pulled out his handcuffs and i had to flee as i lost my ability to grasp reality.

Toys Missing In Action

I want to make as much noise as possible, and my plan to do so was to buy toy after toy and screw with its insides. I like this method because i have no idea how it works. The sounds change more and more with each extra wire i add to the circuit board in ways i cant anticipate. Tones become rhythms, notes become scrambled. The new interface i create by adding potentiometers and switches decides the possibilities for composition.
Lately, the four or five thrift stores i travel to every few days have been light on usable toys. I've found three so far since we've been back, but i break probably three out of every four i buy. They usually cost about three or four dollars, so thats no big deal when they're available, but i cant find them.
I decided to start to build a box to house the circuits and mount the knobs and switches, so i don't break anything.


people make theses websites. Most of them are not very interesting but the format is interesting. and of course there are a few gems
Sorry no links. blogger acting funny

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Bent.

This is certainly not my video, this is one of the coolest i've seen. I like to "circuit bend" toys. You open them up, find connections that cause the toy to glych or something... i dont really know. I dont care as much about the toy as i do the noise i can get from it, so i often break them on accident. Its always very sad for me. I want to start being more careful. But i cant help it. GET THE NOISE FASTER. This is the last toy a made. i played with it for two days strait until i broke it. i never put them back together properly. Most people do that do it treat it like some hobby where putting it back together and properly installing parts inside the casing is important. But i like what this guy has done with his. I want to meet in the middle. before i broke this latest one, i planned on building a metal box so i had to reach in to press the buttons and turn the pots, but noone could see what was going on. If anyone has a toy keyboard or guitar or whatever, ill make you a noise machine. This year i will learn to make lasting instruments. Hear is a picture of the little cop-out now, up top, under Suicidal Bhudda buddies trying encroach enlightenment. Treat your electronic components like the fragile little bastards that they are.


PFFR's all star record: Wonder Shozen-Crushing Truth disguised as a Children's show. After two glorious seasons, mtv pulled the plug, apparently letting the art collective know by delivering a rotten basket of fruit. Even corporations have a sense of humor. Xavier: Renegade Angel. The same truth + extreme lyrical genius disguised as a computer animated cartoon.

They have at least one music album i know of, with this little gem on it. Its protest rock. Ha ha ha.
They apparently wrote Snoop Dogg's show on Mtv but i never saw it.
Last i heard of them, they sent a script for an "avant-garde" porn film called "Final Flesh" to a production company that films any script you send, for the write price. Then they made Dvd cases and sold it to your children.

burning star core/ america's greatest noise

Emil Beaulieau does a lot of trading with other noise musicians, edits their stuff and makes hybrids. He also does everything else ever, the self proclaimed Greatest Noise Artist in America. I hear he's very responsible for the noise scene in Japan finding its way here.

Strict Noise

Keiji Haino

I saw him in Berlin. I wish i could find a video of that performance because this does not do justice. He is a aural dominatrix. What he did that night is the harshest thing anyone will ever hear. I couldn't hear on the plane ride home because i was making love to the biggest amp in the place

The High Art of Punk Rock n shit/Seeking salvation in spectator sports

I was lucky enough to see Arab on Radar do this very same thing about a foot in front of my face at Whartscape this year, in Baltimore.
This video was filmed by the guy directly to the left of me. At 2:57, right before the next song starts, you can hear my glorious native american call. I highly recommend getting any of their albums and convulsing in your underwear.

Céleste Boursier

At :47 sec. in, Lee Ranaldo bird builds nest music on guitar.


Hanatarash, translating to "the snot-nosed" or "sniveler" was the noise project of EYE, the frontman of Boredoms
"There may be no other band in the world that has traced a quite like Japan's Boredoms.
Across over 20 years, founder and leader Eye, along with frequent collaborator Yoshimi, has taken the band on a cosmic road trip, from the early swamps of chaos through times of tribal frenzy, oceanic tranquility, and massive sonic constructions. Perhaps most remarkable is the unceasing commitment to vision above all else, and the effects of that Commitment. The influence of Boredoms in underground, experimental, noise, and performance-based music cannot be overstated.

The early Boredoms seemingly harnessed that chaotic energy and began melding it into a No Wave-influenced rock format. The first release under the name Boredoms appeared in 1986.
The frenetic, maniacal live show cemented their reputation. The incredible rhythmic power, clever melodic punches, and sheer chaotic intensity of the band to play off each other in ways that had perhaps never been heard or seen before. The result was both well-earned rising popularity and something unheard-of: a major label deal, in Japan, for an incorrigibly independent band that demanded full control. Outside Japan, the Boredoms have made their mark as well. From their associations with bands like Sonic Youth to their explosive tours through the U.S. and Europe, the Boredoms were partially responsible for opening the eyes of listeners in this country to the possibilities of the Japanese music scene.

After the release of Chocolate Synthesizer, the Boredoms began to evolve away from the chaos-rock of their past. 1998's Super Ae evoked tribal rhythms as well as electronicized krautrock…a trance-inducing set of songs filled with tribal elements. In their Super Roots series of records (1993-1999), Boredoms expanded their ideal of ecstatic, thunderous, repetitive music, steeped in power rock, electronic rhythms, and psychedelic incantations. At the time Eye also became more involved in DJing and dabbling in Japan's rave culture, resulting in the Rebore series of Boredoms remix EPs. After a prolonged absence, their records "Seadrum/ House of Sun" were finally being released in 2005.
In 2007, released their first live album as "Super Roots 9" and made an already legendary 77BOADRUM show came to real with 77 drums and 77 drummers on 07/07/07 in NYC. They also released their first live DVD "Live at Sunflancisco". In 2008, 88BOADRUM show with 88 drummers on 08/08/08 in LA, the documentary film of 77BOADRUM has shown in the movie theater and the CD book about 77BOADRUM has released. In 2009, the last one of super roots series "Super Roots 10" has ranched. BOADRUM has changed its style to EYE with 9 drummers and performed BOADRUM9 on 09/09/09.

After nearly two decades of noise, chaos, post-rock before there was such a thing, tribal Experimentation, remixing, trance-inducing feats of rhythmic intensity, lineup changes, Continued collaborations, and doing what they want regardless of trends and fashion, the Boredoms continue, and remain as vital as ever."
The end of the eclipse video is the best part.

Boa drum 9 on 9/9/9.
The first was Boa Drum 7 on 7/7/7 under the brooklyn bridge, with 77 drummers. #8∞ happened in both new york and L.A. Boredoms played with 88 drummers at 8:88 for 88 minutes in L.A. and Gang Gang Dance did the same in new york. I was lucky enough to attend Gang Gang Dance's performance.
I was also lucky enough to catch Boredoms perform in Philly earlier that same year. I think they are technically called "V∞rdoms" now but i think on paper they're still Boredoms... i guess to prevent confusion.
you can see eyes balls in this video.

V∞rdoms, Hanatarash

Unfortunately, there are only pictures of this performance, in which EYE apparently made music all over the show space with a bulldozer. The venue did not survive

I don't speak Japanese, but actions speak louder than words in this video.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

dude process

I'm crippled by my inability to separate the facets of my life. To get this out in a way that I could live with, I had to make it along side of everything else I have looming over me. I had to couple my problems and combine all my efforts into one. Everything must resonate in everything else. To do one thing, I must do all things. to work I have to unpack everything. Spread out everything I own and inspect all of it. String all my thought processes together into one ornate strand. Expand into chaos and retract back to the beginning. Big-Bang to Apocalypse and back. The tasks that build up all must come to one harmonious end note. As that note plays out, I can return to unknowing, blissful ignorance and baseness that only our single-celled ancestor's could have known. Until I'm able to notice that beginning is once more swelling, and chaos must ensue, because the laws of physics demand it.