Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toys Missing In Action

I want to make as much noise as possible, and my plan to do so was to buy toy after toy and screw with its insides. I like this method because i have no idea how it works. The sounds change more and more with each extra wire i add to the circuit board in ways i cant anticipate. Tones become rhythms, notes become scrambled. The new interface i create by adding potentiometers and switches decides the possibilities for composition.
Lately, the four or five thrift stores i travel to every few days have been light on usable toys. I've found three so far since we've been back, but i break probably three out of every four i buy. They usually cost about three or four dollars, so thats no big deal when they're available, but i cant find them.
I decided to start to build a box to house the circuits and mount the knobs and switches, so i don't break anything.

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