Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Bent.

This is certainly not my video, this is one of the coolest i've seen. I like to "circuit bend" toys. You open them up, find connections that cause the toy to glych or something... i dont really know. I dont care as much about the toy as i do the noise i can get from it, so i often break them on accident. Its always very sad for me. I want to start being more careful. But i cant help it. GET THE NOISE FASTER. This is the last toy a made. i played with it for two days strait until i broke it. i never put them back together properly. Most people do that do it treat it like some hobby where putting it back together and properly installing parts inside the casing is important. But i like what this guy has done with his. I want to meet in the middle. before i broke this latest one, i planned on building a metal box so i had to reach in to press the buttons and turn the pots, but noone could see what was going on. If anyone has a toy keyboard or guitar or whatever, ill make you a noise machine. This year i will learn to make lasting instruments. Hear is a picture of the little cop-out now, up top, under Suicidal Bhudda buddies trying encroach enlightenment. Treat your electronic components like the fragile little bastards that they are.

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