Tuesday, September 14, 2010


PFFR's all star record: Wonder Shozen-Crushing Truth disguised as a Children's show. After two glorious seasons, mtv pulled the plug, apparently letting the art collective know by delivering a rotten basket of fruit. Even corporations have a sense of humor. Xavier: Renegade Angel. The same truth + extreme lyrical genius disguised as a computer animated cartoon.

They have at least one music album i know of, with this little gem on it. Its protest rock. Ha ha ha.
They apparently wrote Snoop Dogg's show on Mtv but i never saw it.
Last i heard of them, they sent a script for an "avant-garde" porn film called "Final Flesh" to a production company that films any script you send, for the write price. Then they made Dvd cases and sold it to your children.

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