Sunday, September 12, 2010

dude process

I'm crippled by my inability to separate the facets of my life. To get this out in a way that I could live with, I had to make it along side of everything else I have looming over me. I had to couple my problems and combine all my efforts into one. Everything must resonate in everything else. To do one thing, I must do all things. to work I have to unpack everything. Spread out everything I own and inspect all of it. String all my thought processes together into one ornate strand. Expand into chaos and retract back to the beginning. Big-Bang to Apocalypse and back. The tasks that build up all must come to one harmonious end note. As that note plays out, I can return to unknowing, blissful ignorance and baseness that only our single-celled ancestor's could have known. Until I'm able to notice that beginning is once more swelling, and chaos must ensue, because the laws of physics demand it.

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